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Destructive Puppies

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Destructive Puppy Chewing It is perfectly natural for a young puppy to explore his surroundings. He just wants to sniff, taste and play with just about everything.

This is fine until the puppy decides to chew up your favourite slippers, the furniture and the rug. No matter how angry you are, it will do no good to punish your puppy.

Destructive chewing is often related to anxiety, sometimes due to the puppy being left for long periods on his own. If the dog has to be left alone at home the best place for him is in a suitably sized crate. Don't only leave him in the crate when you are away from home, but put him into it for short periods during the day. He needs to know that the crate is not a punishment area, nor an exclusion room.

Teach your dog that he does not get attention every time that he comes to you to be cuddled. He must get used to having “time out” in his crate, to lie quietly or play with a toy. You can talk to him and stroke him through the bars as if the crate isn't really there and this will help him to see the crate as a perfectly normal place to be.

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A puppy's natural instincts are programmed to accept a den due to the ‘denning' instinct present in all canines so you should not have problems with introducing this to your puppy if done without stress or anxiety from you.

There are many toys on the market designed to keep your puppy busy. Some toys, such as a Kong or a chew cube are designed to be filled with treats that roll out as the pup plays. They will keep an active dog busy for long periods. Never give your puppy anything to play with that resembles a household item. Items such as an old sock or a shoe will only encourage him to chew any socks or shoes. He does not know the difference between your brand new shoes or ones that are passed their sell by date!

As soon as the puppy wakes he is liable to get into mischief as he explores his new world. You must be one step ahead of him by removing rugs, clutter, or anything which can be chewed, pulled over, or carried away. Your puppy needs time to understand just what is allowed and what is out of bounds. Encourage him to play with his own toys, by getting involved with ball games, or playing hide and seek with his favourite toy. If he is to be left on his own, he needs to be tired out both physically and mentally. Even a few minutes spent training the puppy will tire him mentally.

Make sure your home is safe for the puppy. There are so many items around the home that may harm him. Electricity cables should be tucked away tidily, cupboard doors firmly shut, and plants moved out of reach. Make sure you shut doors to any rooms that are a no go area for the dog. Give the puppy plenty of exercise, preferably outdoors. Teach him to retrieve a ball, a frisbee, or his favourite toy. Obedience training helps hyperactive puppies that have difficulty concentrating. Keep sessions short as when puppies are very young they have short attention spans.

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If you catch your puppy in the act of chewing a forbidden item, call his name excitedly. If he leaves the item and comes to you, or if he just moves away, praise him enthusiastically. Let him know that that his actions have pleased you by refraining from his actions. On no account should you move towards the puppy, as the first thing he will do will be to run away from your displeasure. You do not want to create fear in the dog and you don't want to start a game of chase, as this is about as exciting as anything you can offer a young dog. Entice him instead to play with one of his own toys and so by distracting him you are stopping unwanted behaviour. He will soon cotton on to the house rules.

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