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Why Do Dogs Chew?

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Why Does My Dog Chew? Dogs, especially young puppies instinctively chew on objects for numerous reasons.

One reason is to aid the growth of their teeth and soothe sore gums.

Another is to explore their environment. Dogs and puppies use their mouths as a tool to receive information of the world around them by sampling taste and texture.

Puppies have especially sharp teeth and a strong chewing instinct. Chewing on a designated toy or a dog chew is appropriate. Chewing on your best shoes or the furniture isn’t!!!

Chewing is a natural desire. It is self-rewarding and a self-reinforcing activity. For a dog that is bored, lonely or anxious, chewing can be an outlet for their frustration as the act of chewing burns up nervous energy. It is the equivalent of humans 'comfort eating'.

While we humans find destructive chewing unacceptable, for the dog it is an instinctive and natural behaviour.

Most destructive chewing can be controlled through simple corrective dog training, but in serious cases the use of a dog behaviourist is well-advised and probably worth every penny.

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