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Why Do Dogs Not Listen To Me?

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Why Does My Dog Ignore Me?If your dog disobeys your commands it is through a lack of communication and training on your part and not because the dog is being deliberately naughty.

The dog does not have the same reasoning powers as humans do. Dogs react to situations, they do not reason or think to themselves:

“I am not going to listen to a word my owner says today”

To have an obedient and well-trained dog you need to understand how the dog’s mind works and how to communicate your wishes to the animal in a way that he can understand what is required of him. If you become frustrated or annoyed, your dog is confused and only recognises the fact that you are angry with him but he doesn’t understand why. Perhaps you are adding to his confusion by correcting him at the wrong time. For example:

Suppose you come home and find that your dog has chewed up your slippers. If you get cross as you believe the dog should know better and has chewed the slippers to spite you, you shout at the dog or show unreasonable aggression as far as the dog is concerned. Some owners may shout at the dog to come here grab the dog to put him outside. The next time you call the dog he slinks away to hide. He now associates you calling him with your being angry and nasty things happening. If you were the dog would you obey the command? The answer is no, because it is not a command at all, just a show of emotion which a dog is not sophisticated enough to rationalise and understand.

Your dog is a pack animal and as such he needs you to be a strong leader and to be able to communicate with him in a manner that he understands. The pack structure is what makes the dog feel secure. Your dog isn’t being disobedient. He is fearful, confused and insecure.

To enable your dog to understand what you want from him you must teach him commands using positive reward based training methods in a clear and consistent manner. Good communication is the key to having a well trained dog and a dog which responds positively to commands, regardless of the tone in which they are given.

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