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Family of English Mastiffs: 'Chewbacca' and friends

Junior - Bull Mastiff
Hi I am Jnr, I am 16 months old.

I am very laid back so much so that my mum has to lift me up to get me to go outside and even into the car.

At the moment I am at college doing my gold citizenship award and I will be going to Crufts in march.

Pollieanna - Bull Mastiff
Hi I am Pollieanna, and I am 16 months old.

I am also laid back and love to sleep, the only problem is I snore really loud.

I love going on the beach and I too am going to Crufts.

Ebonie - Bull Mastiff
Hi I am Ebonie, I am 16 months old as well.

I am the nervous one of the three of us, so my mum was unable to show me.

I love nothing more than to curl up with the others as long as I am in the middle so I can keep warm.

I love to race around the garden and the house but I do get into trouble if I am caught.

Millie - Bull Mastiff
Hi I am Millie. I am six years old and the mother of the three pups.

If they get into trouble I leave it to their human mum to sort out unless she tells me “They are your pups, you sort them!”

I just love everything and everyone. Nothing bothers me. I should be going to Crufts as well but I have been ill so mum's not taking me. Sorry about picture
but it was too cold to
sit and pose!

Chewbacca - Bull Mastiff
I am Chewbacca, and I am nearly five years old. I know I don't look much like a Mastiff should but I was very ill at 12 weeks and they fought for a week to save me. It was worth it, I am very loving as are all of us.

All five of us!


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