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My Cavalier King Charles Spaniels: 'Bess & Jasper'

Jasper - The Cavalier King Charles SpanielMy name is Laura and my partner Matt and I share our house in Victoria, Australia with our two dogs, Jasper and Bessy.

The name Cavalier King Charles Spaniel sounds incredibly pretentious and after years of sharing my life with a Doberman and a Border Collie, the idea of having lap dogs seemed to be a long way off, a bit like a house full of doilies and grandchildren...And yet, here they are; the most adorable, affectionate creatures and how we lived any time at all without them?

Jasper came to me when I was 14, and he is still around! Our Vet says he has the heart of a two year old...and I'm so glad because life wouldn't be the same without him! Admittedly, he's not the brightest spark, yet he has a heart of gold and an amazing ability to sense a bad mood or sadness and he will head straight for it, and make everything better!

He's desperately in love with my godmother's poodle; Lulu and the mere mention of her name makes him run to the front gate with his big spaniel eyes desperately seeking for her...We have to be careful to whisper her name, just in case she doesn't visit, otherwise Jasper sits at the window and sighs for the whole day!

Bessy is an adoptee, and cruelly spent her first few months in a garden shed, she has a few neurotic tendencies but loves people, especially Matt, and I often find them curled together with a book, or she will sit under his seat as he studies. She's a softie and extremely demanding of a cuddle, I love sitting with her on our couch as I drink a cup of tea as she nudges me at my elbow until I pour her some! (she's obviously English!).

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels - Jasper and Bess She and Jasper get along awfully well, and they sleep in the same basket and clean each other's ears. They are relatively polite when it comes to food, but not treats, as it's every dog for himself!

They are a testament to their breed and as friendly, affectionate and delightful as they look!

Laura & Matt,
Victoria, Australia


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