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Terriers 'Monty' & 'Buster'

My dogs are called Monty he is a West Highland White Terrier, he is 14 years old and Buster who is a Jack Russell x Chuahua is 3 month old. My name is Jennifer Quinn and I am married to Martin. We live in Sunderland UK. My dogs are not well trained although it is not through the want of trying and monty does anything for food which means he is greedy and is getting bigger by the day.

Terriers Monty & BusterI have a disablity called Spina Bifida which affects my Mobility so as you can imagine it isn't easy taking my dogs out especially when they don't come back when told although Monty is getting better it doesn't take an hour and a half to get him home anymore. Buster is a fast learner and he already knows his name and will fetch his toy and find it when told. so maybe he won't be to hard to teach. He is also a lot easier to take out on my own with him being small.

I have only had Buster for 2 weeks and at night he sleeps in his crate, took a lot of getting used to and he still gets up at 7am to get into my bed. but he always wakes in the night for the loo which is a bonus I think. He is toilet trained upto the fact he will do his business on the paper but hardly outside.

Terrier MontyNow Monty was a different story as I was alone when I got him he was spoilt slept on my bed and still does now. He was always a good boy he never chewed anything but he will pinch sweets if not locked away. He loves jellys. The only problem I have had with him is he refuses to play ball or anything that was why we got Buster thought maybe he was bored with us and it did the trick but doesn't last long before he tells Buster enough is enough.

I do not work so I get to spend most of my time with my pets and I love them they get me through the day especially as I a have just had major surgery. I prefer animals to humans sometimes how bad is that? but true. They are very faithful and if they are treated with respect they will show you respect. They are my life and I love them.



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